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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

League of Extraordinary Dorks Meets Again: Schlepping through the Alps

Another starry night at the home sim... what's happening at the Albatross?

Let's go in and see.   It's a meeting of the League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club!
This month, Catalina Mistwallow selected the book for discussion.


The book is Sam Apple's account of his own search to understand his Jewish identity as he journeys' with  Hans Breur, a Yiddish Folk Singer and wandering shepherd leading hundreds of sheep through the Austrian Alps.  This was an enjoyable book for me.  Sort of a travelogue, memoir, a bit of a history lesson, and wrapped up in a comedic style of writing that had me laughing to the point of snorting at times.  I liked this book, it kept my attention to the end.  This was the first non-fiction book for the group.  This is not something I would have picked up on my own, but I am really glad that it was recommended for the club.

Of course, according to the custom, the League of Extraordinary dorks mostly came dressed up as a character from the book.

We had Sam dressed as Hans Breuer's mom, Coyote, Owly,and Cat all came dressed in sheep's clothing.  Chatty arrived as a wolf (or a fox.. I was not sure about this, but she was eyeing the sheep most of the evening).  Also in attendance, Colt and Mouse, and a new sim resident, Lullabye. I attended as my favorite vowel, the letter "E."  (it is a character from the of many!)

Cat led us through a fabulous discussion of the book, dressed as a little sheep. After it was all over, she showed us her little sheep tricks.  First, the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" pose.
Next, she showed us her dance skills...
Finally, she showed how she could "cry wolf"
Then she "poofed" before Chatty could eat her.

Here are the details of the League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club for October. I hope you will join us, it looks like a fun read (with a lot of costume possibilities).

When: Mon, October 11, 9:00 PM SL Time
Where: SL Albatross Coffee House 2nd floor
Book: THE TOWER, THE ZOO, AND THE TORTOISE by Julia Stuart! (Ariel's pick) 

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