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Saturday, September 4, 2010

HI! challenge, day 04

FYI: Ariel challenged me to say hi and attempt conversation with one stranger a day in SL for 30 days and blog about it. Today is day 04. This fyi will appear at the top of each post. 
This has not been a very SLful day for me ... nonetheless I remain committed to the challenge. I did talk to a stranger today: I got an offline IM that a shop on the sim had been rented, so I sent a welcoming IM and a group invite to the renter. She was offline at the time, and later when I was offline, she sent me an IM that said thank you, and that she had gotten the group invite. That was all. Hopefully we'll get a chance to have a real conversation soon - I'm excited she's joined us! Obviously I did not mention the challenge or the blog, so no chat log or photo.

Here's what I learned: Sometimes it's just all business ...

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