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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HI! challenge, day 07

FYI: Ariel challenged me to say hi and attempt conversation with one stranger a day in SL for 30 days and blog about it. Today is day 07. This fyi will appear at the top of each post. All photos and chat are used with permission.
Holy moly, I'm really slipping now. Yesterday I didn't come inworld at all, and today ... well. I was inworld. I wanted to meet two new people today, to make up for yesterday's failure. Ummmmm. I was at the Albatross, people were there, two of whom I wasn't that familiar with. I might have met one before, but neither of us were sure. I was distracted by several different issues, there was lots going on, and I failed to get clearance to post chat and photos. So. Yeah. One of them, the one I'm pretty sure I had not met before, I friended on plurk, so that will certainly be an opportunity for us to learn more about each other later. ;-) Hopefully I will suck less tomorow. But ... uh ... don't hold your breath.

Here's what I learned: Sometimes you might meet someone you met before, so just go with it. Also, well, this I didn't learn so much as know - plurk is a great way to get to know, I mean REALLY get to know, people that you know (or don't know) inworld.

wow, I suck today


Harper Beresford said...

You stink. I agree :P Stop that RL crap and do your job!

Owly Indigo said...