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Friday, April 30, 2010

two new stores on the sim!

We are delighted to welcome DreamWalker McCallister to our sim! She is the owner of Tasteless Designs and a freelance scripter and designer. What a perfect fit for Ctrl+Shift+H! Make sure to come visit her new store, grab your 75 free gestures, maybe get the 100% pure evil t-shirt (only 50 L$!), an awesome photocube, an avatar pager, some original art, a visitor monitor, or some of her other very geeky gadgets!
 Tasteless Designs on the Home sim!

 My favorite item in DreamWalker's store: the nuclear heart.

Another new store on the Home sim belongs to Spock Jupiter. He has a recruiting office for United Federation Starfleet. He is still in the process of setting up, but plans to have a registration board, some posters, and other stuff to sell. Visit his store on the sim!

In the meantime, I will finish knitting this sock while Angie signs me up!

[15:25]  AngieBabe Perl: i'll sign you up for the starfleet academy! lol
[15:25]  catalina Mistwallow: do itttt

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TECHIE HUNT!!! *freakout*

Hm, it's not Monday, but it's still Owly!

So hey guess what the Home Sim is sponsoring an upcoming hunt ... the TECHIE HUNT! This gridwide hunt starts May 18 and ends May 31, and all of the prizes will be something geeky and/or technical. This is a 30-store hunt, so it won't be impossible to do. \o/

Home Sim vendors are encouraged to participate! You can sign up here. FireGOOD!!!, Weather! or not?, Perpetually Loony, and Yoshikawa Aetheric Engineering are already on board! Get more details by contacting Ariel Wingtips or Mikayla Ares.

yay yay yay

Monday, April 26, 2010

if it's Monday, it must be Owly

Heyyyyy! Mondays are my day to write something on the Home Sim blog ... so here I am. Sadly, I have no pictures to share with you, but perhaps I will rectify that later in the day.

We had some excitement on the sim yesterday, with our first Sunday night theme party. It all started out with a discussion about underwear, and how we realized we all have cute SL underwear, but never have opportunities to wear them out. So. Impromptu underwear party was announced, people showed up, stripped down, and a pair of DJs were somehow acquired along the way. There was a giant duck. Cat and CB shared an awkwardly long hug. I launched some prawns. It was all quite lovely.

At the end of the evening, it was suggested that this sort of Sunday Theme Insanity happen on a regular basis. Therefore, we will do this again next Sunday, time TBD (though prob somewhere around 7-8 pm slt). The theme?


goddamn I love our sim


Sunday, April 25, 2010

quirky and fabulous new stores on the sim!

The CTRL+SHIFT+H team is happy to welcome new stores to the sim! There is nothing we love more than to have cool, quirky stores open all around us. First up, we have Parser Lane's Perpetually Loony, a shop about time, clocks, and watches, but all with a loony twist to it. My favorite? The unusual clock that goes backwards! Only 49 L$.

Right next door to Perpetually Loony, we have creator Erehwon Yoshika and her Yoshikawa Aetheric Engineering. Make sure to come get your genie bottle earrings, they are free! And while you are here, check out this awesome solar-powered floating head in a jar! Now, you know you NEED this.

Getting away from quirky and closer to fabulous, we have Sweet Antidote by designer Noena Merlin. There is nothing in this store I do not want, but I am trying to show some restraint. Let's see how long that lasts! Here you can see Owly Indigo and myself showing off two of Noena's beautiful creations.

Finally, I am proud to announce that LOFTY LIGHTING IS BAAACK! Okay, I'll calm down. It's been a long time since Balthasar Bookmite has had a shop and we are very happy to have Lofty Lighting on our sim. He has great new creations and has set out a great freebie lamp to entice you. Come get the Cerulean, it is only 7 prims!

On related news, Veritas Designs has moved! You can now find it between Sweet Antidote and Weather!... or not?

More stores to come soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

munk madness and neighbor news

Every once in a while, the chipmunk comes out to take us for a ride ...

Erm, let me explain. There is a giant chipmunk. It is bouncy. It can seat an unknown number of avs. I say unknown because ... we just don't know. I think this time it had eight? Anyway ... everybody sits on it. Sometimes we wear sparklers, or some other particle thingy, as shown. And. Then. We fly.

Flying is achieved by taking the chipmunk up to 4000m and then dropping it, which makes it BOUNCE all over the sim. It is also achieved by "flicking" it ... a technique perfected by Ariel, Wai, and Cy, I believe. Something to do with holding down alt or shift while dragging the chipmunk? Not sure ... it is magical, though.

For some reason, this makes all the riders giggle uncontrollably. No, we are not high. I think. Some of us. At least I'm not. I'm just naturally this way.

Anyway, hey guess what! New neighbors! People have been moving in and moving around the sim a bit. I'd like to say WELCOME!!! to all our new neighbors and friends. :-D 

We now have just ONE island left for rent, the one pictured here:

Honestly, I can't figure out why this one isn't taken yet. It is on a corner. It has a sunset view. It is like ... prime SL real estate. (imho) I mean, this is the one I would want, if I didn't already have my sunrise view parcel. Am I missing something? /me boggles over this a bit more, and then moves on ...

Oh hey, cottages! There are still many lovely cottages available around the little unnamed lake. Pond? Lake? What is it? Anyway, it needs a name, don't you think? Also, I highly recommend sitting on that boat, there are some cute poses.

You know, there is a loon on that lake ... maybe Loon Lake? There is also a ruddy duck. Remind me to tell you about the mating call of the ruddy duck, it's quite ... something.

Anyhoot, there is more exciting news of excitement about things happening on the sim ... like Geek Pride Week, the Home Sim's Grand Opening, and new shops on the sim. I do recommend checking back to see what's developed sometime in the near future.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More coverage of the exciting discussion of FLAT LAND...

Polly Paper clip selected this month's book and led the discussion.
[19:08] Polly Paperclip: Kablooey!
[19:08] Polly Paperclip: Look at these books littering the floor.
Book Club is all about F U N:
[19:12] Polly Paperclip: I'm sure this discussion will be considerably more enlightening if we're all fortified with a choice libation.
[19:13] Polly Paperclip: Margaritas all around!

Book Club members are dedicated...
[19:04] Foxie Moxie: I'm postponing a trip to the emergency department for book club

Book Club members are into costumes...

[19:07] Samantha Kazakov: "What can it be to run against a Woman, except absolute and immediate destruction?"
[19:08] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov practices her peace cry - oh yeah, sorry, i'm new to flatland, you see

  ...or costume attempts.
[19:08] Coyote Pace: I didn't dress for the occasion, I'm afraid -- no time
[19:08] Coyote Pace: I brought a visual aid, though

Cat, just having arrived from a RL adventure, logs into SL, shows up at book club, WOOOOSH, makes a costume on the spot!
[19:13] Polly Paperclip: Cat, are you PAINTING that line?
[19:13] catalina Mistwallow: yes
[19:14] Ariel Wingtips: hehehe
[19:14] catalina Mistwallow: i am a revolutionary woman
[19:15] catalina Mistwallow: wait, was the front red and the back green?

Book Club members are really into books and T e c h n o l o g y...
[19:15] ChatBrat Pippita: technical schmechnical - i haz pictures
[19:15] Coyote Pace: can't get more technical that THAT

Book club is about super intellectual discussions:

[19:14] Foxie Moxie: yeah speaking of naked, nobody cam inside my snoopy
[19:14] Polly Paperclip: I change into a different AV and then I'm afraid to change BACK.
[19:14] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov immediately cams inside your snoopy
[19:15] Polly Paperclip: If we were in the 4th dimension, we'd be able to see inside your Snoopy no problem!

[19:52] ChatBrat Pippita: yes! we should save minutes of these intellectual discussions for posterity so that future generations might read them and figure out which libation we were each consuming

Book club is about reading, and maybe even learning something about yourself:
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: if you were a flatlander, what would you be?
[20:13] Ariel Wingtips: BORED
[20:13] ChatBrat Pippita: Ari would fold herself into a paper plane and launch
[20:13] Polly Paperclip: I guess I'd be a line!
[20:13] Coyote Pace: it's intriguing to consider, though, that from their perspective everything was normal. As we see OUR world.
[20:14] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov would be a circle, clearly
[20:14] Foxie Moxie: I'd be a line and the only shape that could ever teach me would be the square of a Priest man

Book club exposes for us...the pivotal chapter -
[20:24] ChatBrat Pippita: oh btw, in my opinion ....
[20:24] ChatBrat Pippita: chapter 12 was the pivotal chapter of this book *nods*

Monday, April 12, 2010

the literary arts on the home sim

And isn't that a lofty title for what we do here? haha

Oh hey so guess what, the poetry reading on Saturday went really really well! Todd Action read a number of his own works to about a dozen of us, and then a few poems by other people. Then a new friend whose name began with a J and the rest of which I have sadly misplaced in my brain read some of his own work. Then I read Part IV of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. And then Owlette needed me to make her lunch. It was GREAT!

Here is an Action (har) shot from my vantage point:

That photo seems to be a bit blurry? Ok like ... HOW did I get a blurry photo in SL? Did it not rez? wtf

At some point Todd mentioned Magritte, so I had to pull out The Treachery of SL, which is behind him on the right.

Ceci n'est pas une rl pipe


Don't forget, League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club is tonight from 7:00-9:00 pm slt. I'm sad to say I don't think I will make it, as Mr. Owly comes home from TX tonight, which actually I am happy about.

Thanks again to Todd for a great afternoon of poetry! xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010