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Monday, September 5, 2011

Not just for the birds...

The Indigo Aviary is finished and it is spectacular!  You must come visit if you haven't already.  Great place to hang out.  Congratulations to Owly for being listed on the destination guide.  Yay!  We have had a lot of visitors over the past few days and it has been fun.

While catalina Mistwallow relaxes on the bench - Owly Indigo demonstrates the opposite of relaxation
Gailyana Mehler, Home Sim Resident, proves that the bird bath is not just for the birds
We were visited by a magical fairy, Grefan Miklos, who sprinkled us with fairy dust.  He also did some calculations with his nerdy magical fairy watch to determine just how many fairies and birds could fit in this aviary at one time.  He did not reveal the answer, but it is probably 42.
Grefan Miklos the magical fairy - sprinkles us with fairy dust
more visitors - and goofing off - Polly Paperclip tries out the bird bath while ChatBrat Pippita looks on
and the goose is left wondering - what are all these fairies doing on my lawn?
Stop by for a visit!  Make sure you turn on your sound - the bird chorus is lovely.

PT Rocks the Albatross

PT Beardmore had his first performance at the Albatross tonight.  PT has an awesome voice, great song selection, talented strings.  So much fun.  Here are some shots from the concert.
PT Rocks the Albatross

Fairy's Eye View of the Festivities
sad cheese fairy... music is all done

We hope to see PT to be performing here often.