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Friday, September 3, 2010

HI! challenge, day 03

FYI: Ariel challenged me to say hi and attempt conversation with one stranger a day in SL for 30 days and blog about it. Today is day 03. This fyi will appear at the top of each post.

Yesterday, something Sam said (dang, what was it?) gave me the idea to try saying hello to someone based purely on what their avatar looked like, without any profile perving to give me a conversation opener. I planned to do this after I did Fifty Linden Friday, since I figured anyone doing FLF would be FOCUSED and unwilling to converse.

But surprise!!!

[10:12]  Beth Innovia: tag you're it
[10:12]  Beth Innovia: :]
[10:13]  Owly Indigo: I'm it?
[10:13]  Beth Innovia: yup
[10:14]  Owly Indigo: oh! erm ... what's the game? lol
[10:14]  Beth Innovia: tag!

durrr ... I was being very silly. I really didn't realize she was talking to me at first. But it was true, we were kind of chasing each other from one FLF location to the next.

[10:14]  Owly Indigo: OH! I saw you at the other store! haha I remember the cute dress ;-D
[10:14]  Beth Innovia: hehe yeah i think i'm following you :]
[10:14]  Beth Innovia: and thank you
[10:14]  Owly Indigo: but now I'm it! hehe

I can't help but wonder if this is "fair" for the challenge - because I did not initiate the conversation. Nonetheless, it was a conversation with a stranger. I will wait for Ariel to rule on that, and just go with it this time!

So what happened? We talked about FLF and shopping ... she sent me the notecard for "omg that's adorable." It was really pleasant to have someone to talk to while FLFing, rather than just the rapid tp in, rez, buy (or not), tp to the next that I'm used to.

Last time, I felt a little uncomfortable not mentioning the blog, so this time, I decided nothing but full disclosure would do, if I was going to post here about it.*

[10:34]  Owly Indigo: beth, thanks again for the omg adorable notecard ... and may I ask you a question?
[10:35]  Owly Indigo: I am working on a blogging project where I talk to one stranger a day in SL - would it be ok if you were my stranger for today? lol ...
[10:35]  Owly Indigo: I'm basically asking to use your name and a photo of you ... it's totally ok if not
[10:35]  Owly Indigo: it's nice to meet someone friendly in SL ;-)

Ten minutes go by, and I think, "OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" but then ...

[10:46]  Beth Innovia: oh yeah definitely :D
[10:46]  Beth Innovia: sorry, had to run afk hehe
[10:46]  Owly Indigo: yay thanks! haha ... it's np, I took a photo before I tp'd away, just in case you said yes!
[10:46]  Beth Innovia: woot!
[10:46]  Beth Innovia: :]
[10:47]  Owly Indigo: my challenge was to say hi to a stranger actually ... but you contacted me first! yay
[10:47]  Beth Innovia: hehe
[10:47]  Beth Innovia: its bad enough we go by our daily real lives without a word to other people, in SL there are no excuses :]

In SL there are no excuses. How amazing a viewpoint is that!? We talked a little more about where we are from, and then I crashed. Hopefully we'll play FLF tag again sometime. Here's the photo I took of her really quickly, she's wearing that cute leafy dress from Miel:

See? CUTE!

Here's what I learned: Sometimes, you don't have to be the first one to say hello. Also, if you are on a hunt or doing something that involves tp'ing from place to place, and you keep seeing the same person over and over ... well, you have at least one thing in common - the hunt or FLF or whatever - so why not acknowledge each other and work on it together? "In SL there are no excuses!"

*OH BY THE WAY I had already decided to do full disclosure with the subsequent people I would talk to before some self-righteous, self-satisfied, shit-stirring and self-appointed interwebs police decided to call me unprofessional, uncredible, rude, and uncool (did I ever set myself up as someone who is professional, credible, polite, or cool? NO) for doing this challenge, without even reading my posts. Aw, see what I did there? I went and judged some people based on very little information. That's no good is it? Think of the children!

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