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Sunday, May 23, 2010

party in pink, come see some art!

Join us tonight for another themed Sunday. We are celebrating AngieBabe's second rez day by bringing the pink out of inventories. The party will begin a little early than usual, 7 pm SLT, but feel free to drop in whenever you are ready! Here is your taxi.

In addition, we would like to invite you to take a walk around the sim and see Bone Mosten's art show. He is a resident on our sim and is helping us celebrate Geek Pride Week by sharing his art with us. Please take a copy of the pieces you like. Bone made them free!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speaking of Birds...

So real life has had me busy lately.  I had just a short time to goof off in SL the other night.  So, several people ended up in my sky box (aka the Not so Secret Lab), launching ensued, giggles, goofy jokes, and by the time I had to log off for a ridiculously late work meeting...there were flamingos all over my sky box.

When I logged on last night - this is what greeted me.

I had totally forgotten about the other night. HAHAHA.  I think the flamingos are still there, I haven't been back to check. I had to get to the book club meeting (Cat will tell you about that later).

Such an awesome neighborhood!

Monday, May 17, 2010

sunday nights on the home sim!

Hello homies! I am very happy to reemerge from the darkness of finals week and have time to do some bloggage! As you know, we have been having themed parties on our sim for about a month. They are getting more exciting every week. I have some photos to share with you from the last couple of parties that I did not blog.

On Saturday, May 9, the Home Sim hosted a Baked Goods! party. This was in honor to our baker extraordinaire, Ms. Samantha Kazakov, who both delights and tortures us via Plurk with her amazing creations. People took this theme very seriously, as the photos below show.

Three of the costumes Ariel was able to photograph (nothing was rezzing for me that night!)

Chatty, Fram, Cat, and Sam looking DELICIOUS!

This is a view of the overall chaos that ensued once Ariel showed up!
Sitting on chocolate is not as bad as it looks! Here we are at the end of the party: Owly, Sam, Kay, Chatty, and Cat.

And here are my two favorite photos of the night, and yes, they both involve Foxie! The first one shows him dancing on top of the giant cherry and Fram very relaxed floating on his own damn chair. I believe the phrase was "This cherry has met its match!".

The second one is sneaky Foxie trying to... kill someone? Who knows. It is full of awesome.

Alright! Now we got to the Steam Punk Party! Yay! Kaydence Rodeyn is a new resident on the Home Sim. We like her because she has piggies and is super nice. Also, she and I keep coming up with the same costumes for our themed parties, so she MUST be cool, right? Last night she had us over for a housewaming party/steam punk fun and everyone looked great. Among the best costumes, we have:

Steam punk squirrel gets to go first, of course! :)

 Our hostess: Kaydence Rodeyn

Sam looking awesome in her new teal dress and her... arms.

 Coyote Pace

Further Monday

AngieBabe Perl and Chance SecretSpy

Ariel Wingtips

Owly Indigo


New exciting things are happening on the sim this week! Stay tuned! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010


So you know ... the Home Sim is an animal-friendly sim, what with the cows and bunnies and kitties and puppies and imminent bird explosion that will happen when the Indigo Aviary is done ... but like ... ummmm ...

Today I kinda freaked out about horsies.

PT and I went to the sim that I talk about here on the bird blog, and while we were there, we found this HORSEY thingy. Like, it's this THING that gives you a horse to ride around on! It was incredibly bad ass and definitely the nicest horse rezzer thingy that we'd ever seen.



We got one for the sim.

SEE!!?!? :-D

It's fun, and either one or two people can ride. So if YOU would like to ride horsies on the Home Sim, just come to my house, the rezzer thingy is by a tree.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

of mice and bunnies

Don't freak out, not real mice. And bunnies? Well, we have all kinds on our sim. However, this time I am introducing two new stores that opened on CTRL+SHIFT+H last week: Dark Mouse and [[Bunny B]].

The extremely talented Mouse Mimistrobell just opened a satellite shop on our sim. We are SO excited to add Dark Mouse to the Home sim family. Mouse makes the best jewelry on SL and if you don't already have some,

1. You are insane.
2. You need to get some NAO.

My favorite are the stain glass bangles you can see below. I would buy them in RL if I could!

Here is Ariel wearing some Dark Mouse pearl earrings and necklace. She said this is only the second set of jewelry she's ever bought on SL. She just could not resist! Mouse also did a blog post on the new store last week. She took some beautiful shots of our sim. Thank you, Mouse!

And where are the bunnies, you ask. Patience, peeps, we're getting to it! Mr. Lachlan Causten has opened a satellite of his [[Bunny B]] skin store on the sim!

He is currently in the process of setting up but I could not wait to tell you the news. I am simply in love with his skins, especially Fumie. Can you guess why? LOL.

Make sure to stop by and check out the new stores! They are super close to each other so you'll only need to make one shopping trip!

Monday, May 3, 2010

dental hygiene at its best

Last night the CTRL+SHIFT+H sim held its second weekly themed party. Last week Owly blogged the first one, which was an underwear party with hilarious results. This week we decided to go with a dental hygiene theme, idea of Ms. Polly Paperclip. This turned out to be a fantastic idea, everyone got really into it and came up with very creative dental hygiene related outfits. I am known to abuse photos in blog posts anyway, but BELIEVE ME this time it is for the right reason. There is just no other way I can do the outfits justice, so I will share with you some of the most inspired ones. 

  • Next, yours truly (no, TRULY) as the big dental floss thing. I apparently inspired some to do weird things, or as expressed by Foxie: 
    [20:30] Foxie Moxie: cat. I want to. um. ride you.
    [20:31] Foxie Moxie: Well aren't you just the dirtiest little dental floss box here? What's a dental hygiene accessory like you doing in a place like this?

    • Kaydence and her genuinely scary apple!
    • Owly Indigo, bird lover or dentist?

          • Foxie Moxie as himself plus pink toothbrush, looking wise.  

            • PT Beardmore, getting ready for bed in his awesome t-shirt, showing off his winning smile.

            • Mr. Coyote Pace being very explicit about the size of his... brush. Also, I think he was wearing dental floss as a backpack! 

              •  Sweez was the first victim of the dentist chair (courtesy of Coyote!)

              • Owly Indigo, working on (the real) Chatty's very sensitive teeth. 

                • Kristolynn as a dentist at the opposite extreme of dental practice 

                  • Chatty as ChatBrat Pippita At the Dentist! (aka "full of LURVE")


                    • Polly trying to convince Owly not to charge her extra for listening to her dentist-related nightmares.

                    • A late arrival, but the teeth were so worth the wait! Ariel Wingtips pre-encounter with Owly.

                    • And even during her encounter with a very thorough dentist, Ariel did not lose her cool!

                    Thanks for indulging me in this photo tour. Were the photos not totally worth it? If you missed this week's party, don't despair! We'll have another one next Sunday night, at 7 pm SLT. The theme? BAKED GOODS! See you then! :)

                    Sunday, May 2, 2010

                    Come be our neighbors....

                    I know I am biased when it comes to these beautiful cottages but LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!

                    I know I can speak for all of the lovely owners of Ctrl Shift H when I say that nothing warms our hearts more than hearing someone say that they "love how welcoming our sim is" and how "the atmosphere really makes a difference on their choice of making this place a home."

                    We worked very hard on our lay out and over all look, but that was the easy part.. our main focus has always been to have a a place you can call HOME.... **A community of like-minded, fun-loving residents, shop owners, and visitors.** (I am serious, its in our covenant!)

                    A place where neighbors are friends, and visitors feel they belong.

                    So if you are tired of roaming around lost and alone (awws *too much right?*) come take a look at what these great cottages. Its a beautiful setting around a lake. Peaceful for when you need to relax... but know someone is always close enough to share a cup of coffee or fill your cottage with Pink Flamingos... well because who doesn't love PINK FLAMINGOS

                    Come visit us at CTRL+SHIFT+H ... the HOME SIM.

                    (I promise no flamingos were hurt in the making of this blog)



                    Ok, I know Miss Cat has been blogging the new stores, but I could not wait to share this! Please click this link:

                    Dark Mouse

                    DANG her photos make our sim look good! Come visit Dark Mouse and acquire the cute presents!!!