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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HI! challenge, day 14

I confess to almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I was NOT into doing the challenge last night. But get done it did, thanks to the pushiness of my friends! PT, Wai, Cyrus, and Ariel were riding around the Home Sim on a giant chipmunk whilst doing chicken dances and/or armpit farting. This log is heavily edited, but probably still confusing:

[09:23 PM]  Owly Indigo: oh, btw, I have met no strangers today ;-(
[09:23 PM]  Owly Indigo: I tried
[09:23 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: oh no
[09:23 PM]  Owly Indigo: but it just wasn't happening
[09:23 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: did you meet anyone on plurk?
[09:23 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: why are you trying to meet strangers?
[09:24 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: owly is trying to meet strangers cy
[09:24 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: because i challenged her to blog about it for 30 days
[09:24 PM]  Owly Indigo: and failing today!
[09:24 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: cause she was all excited one night
[09:24 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: about being friendly
[09:24 PM]  PT Beardmore: noooo, you must meet a stranger!
[09:25 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: like in sl?
[09:25 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: yeah
[09:25 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: lol
[09:25 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: maybe tonight
[09:25 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: your lesson can be
[09:25 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: i meet strangers all the time
[09:25 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: SOMETIMES you just need to hang out
[09:25 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: go to space park
[09:25 PM]  Owly Indigo: yesss god I don't want to talk to RL pepole
[09:25 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: with old friends and fly around on giant rodents
[09:25 PM]  Owly Indigo: yessss I like that
[09:25 PM]  PT Beardmore: no, she needs to meet a stranger
[09:25 PM]  PT Beardmore: we can all go
[09:25 PM]  Owly Indigo: I will try harder anothter night
[09:25 PM]  PT Beardmore: could be marvelously creepy
[09:25 PM]  Owly Indigo: srsly I am racing against the clock here
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo: not gonna make it
[09:26 PM]  Long Range: Foxie Moxie [68m]
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo: so
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo: let's just arm fart and wing flap hahaha
[09:26 PM]  PT Beardmore: don't make me bring a stranger to you!
[09:26 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: we could
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo: oh foxie's here, he's strange
[09:26 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: take the chicken dance on tour
[09:26 PM]  PT Beardmore: yep
[09:26 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: YES
[09:26 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: lets
[09:26 PM]  PT Beardmore: let's do it
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo shouts: FOXIE
[09:26 PM]  PT Beardmore: ok, where can we find a stranger?
[09:26 PM]  Chat Range: Foxie Moxie [2m]
[09:26 PM]  Owly Indigo shouts: SCREAMS!

But of course, Foxie didn't count. I mean ... I've met him in RL!

[09:27 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: FOXIE check out my awesome arm farting skills
[09:28 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: space parkkkkkkk
[09:28 PM]  Owly Indigo: nooooooo space park?
[09:28 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: that is a good place to explore
[09:28 PM]  Owly Indigo: it's like
[09:28 PM]  Foxie Moxie: I was already being inflicte--- checking them out
[09:28 PM]  Owly Indigo: spacey
[09:28 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: i have princess bun head hair
[09:28 PM]  PT Beardmore: I'm good for where ever
As you can see, we went to space park. There are tai chi balls there. Have you ever done tai chi in RL? I have. It's bores the living hell out of me.

[09:34 PM]  PT Beardmore: this is very relaxing indeed
[09:34 PM]  Foxie Moxie: I am totally breaking somebody's neck in slow motion!
[09:34 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: i don't see owly or foxie yet
[09:35 PM]  Owly Indigo: I am here
[09:35 PM]  Owly Indigo: are you gonna make me tai chi too!?
[09:35 PM]  PT Beardmore: yep
[09:35 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: do tai chi
[09:35 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: take a walk on the wild side

Appropos of nothing: [09:37 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: am i still farting?

[09:42 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: space park is really quiet tonight
[09:42 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: probably because i turned off my farter

Ok, sorry, I got carried away with all that. I did talk to a stranger at space park after all. Granted, he IM'd me first, but there were way too many distractions for me to be the initiator, so I'm gonna say it counts anyway! Oh, but first ...

[09:44 PM]  PT Beardmore: I am waiting for Owly to meet someone new
[09:45 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: i love how PT is the enforcer
[09:45 PM]  Cyrus000 Vollmar: work your magic
[09:45 PM]  Owly Indigo: I told you I did already! lol
[09:45 PM]  PT Beardmore: lol
[09:45 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: he's like a trainer
[09:45 PM]  Owly Indigo: he totally is
[09:45 PM]  PT Beardmore: who?
[09:45 PM]  PT Beardmore: who did you meet?
[09:45 PM]  Owly Indigo: he's like ... a lot of things
[09:45 PM]  Owly Indigo: Mr. Asbrink over there ...
[09:46 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: kewl
[09:46 PM]  PT Beardmore: did he respond?
[09:46 PM]  Owly Indigo: yes! 
[09:46 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: oh
[09:46 PM]  PT Beardmore: did you learn anything?
[09:46 PM]  Owly Indigo: LOL
[09:46 PM]  Owly Indigo: I always do!
[09:46 PM]  Ariel Wingtips: hahaha
[09:46 PM]  PT Beardmore: ok, I suppose it is know...if you want to skate by on this one.
[09:47 PM]  PT Beardmore: *dies laughing

I did not skate by! Allow me to introduce Mr. Blackout Asbrink ...


Sadly, I totally screwed up when I went to save our IMs! GAAAAHHHHHH! So the details of our conversation are gone. As I recall, he opened with some compliments, which is his way, from what I read in his profile. We discovered we are just a few days apart in SL age. He enjoys entering random words in search and then visiting whatever LM comes up - which sounds fun to me too! When he cammed on me, he thought something was wrong with his viewer, but then realized no, dang, she really is that pale! Ummmm ... there was other stuff I forget, as I was distracted by Foxie's tentacles. (Dang, that doesn't sound right, does it?) He was very kind and granted permission for a photo and the use of his name ... I just wish I had saved the conversation like I had meant to. I did enjoy talking with him. :-)

Here's what I learned: My friends are insane. OH wait, I knew that already. But also ... going to a populated and popular place like space park is a good way to meet people, whether or not you initiate the IM. And reading profiles can help break the ice.

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