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Monday, September 13, 2010

HI! challenge, day 13

FYI: Ariel challenged me to say hi and attempt conversation with one stranger a day in SL for 30 days and blog about it. Today is day 13. This fyi will appear at the top of each post. All photos and names of strangers are used with permission - except this time, I don't think the conversation we had in local warrants a "May I?" this time. Names of established friends are used willy nilly!!! :-D
Today I got a notecard from Perky that was titled, "Brian shouts OWLY!" On the card it said, "I can't help myself! I see these things and my brain goes OWLY! OWLY! OWLY! I thought you might get a kick out of this..." and included an ad for a recent release from Donna Flora and a LM. That cracked me up, and what I saw in that ad made me just completely freak out. I think the word "omgomgomgomgomgomogmogmoogogmogogmoomog" was involved somehow in my response to Perky. I tp'd the hell on over and found ...

Yeah this! CAGE dress! There have been cage dresses in SL before, and there will be more again, but this one just sang to me. As did pretty much everything else in the store. There were soooo many gorgeous vintagey outfits, I kept wondering where I could find an firt-half-of-the-twentieth-century sim where I could RP ... or at least hang out on. The CAGE dress comes with an alpha layer thingy to hide one's thighs and pelvis (Marian? Are you paying attention? This is certainly an interesting crotch!) And then there is this beautifully made cage skirt with birdies floating all around inside! And? Also? Furthermore? Comes with the crazy poofy hair and some rather amazing shoes!

Here, more photos for you:

What has this got to do with my challenge? I was standing around in the courtyard of the store, when the designer, Squinternet Larnia, tp'd in. Somewhat to my embarassment, the following happened:

[05:04 PM]  Owly Indigo: oh hello there!
[05:05 PM]  Squinternet Larnia: hello
[05:05 PM]  Owly Indigo: I just got "cage" - I love it!
[05:05 PM]  Squinternet Larnia: eheh thanks
[05:06 PM]  Perky Button is Online
[05:06 PM]  Owly Indigo: a friend of mine sent me here ... and ... wow I am fangirling haha - just wanted to say thank you - your work is gorgeous ! ;-)
[05:06 PM]  Squinternet Larnia: im glad you like it

She then proceeded to fiddle around with her subscribo or something, I'm not sure exactly what device she was working on, but she had definitely moved on. I recognize I was being kind of goofy, but I was still in the throes of the bird dress excitement. I mean look at it! I cannot help but squee. Squee! See? Sigh. Oh yeah, I was wearing it at the time, too. Perky tp'd over (she'd been with me before) and proceeded to show me where the freebs are located omg they rule everyone needs the pumpkin hair so go get it! *ahem* Got a little excited again.

Anyway, I figured Miss Squinternet counted as a stranger, and I could therefore report on the interaction for my challenge. Also, I figure I can cross-post this with the bird blog, yes? Yes.

Here's what I learned: Or rather, what I knew and was reminded of: People who make and sell stuff in SL have to talk to a lot of lunatics, like me, and while they probably like hearing how great their stuff is, they are busy. So if you see a SL creator that you don't really know but would like say hi to and to compliment, do it briefly and sincerely, without expectation of an extensive conversation. They might have time to talk, but they might not, and in general it's a good policy to respect people's time in SL.

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