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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Sim Girls (Naked?) Hair Fair Field Trip

Cat sent me this excited message while I was offline..yesterday  - "YOU HAVE TO GET THE GIFT FROM FRI.DAY at HAIR's worth braving the lag"

So when I logged in late last night - instantly ... I am tp'd to Cat and Angie's place where the girls are hanging out.  Cat suggests "we need to go to hair fair now!"  Well that has the makings of a FIELD TRIP!

BUT...ewww lag...SO we decided to ditch the clothes and show up in our hot inventory sorting challenge skins.  We were without clothing.... but not really naked.

It worked...I really didn't have much of a problem with lag at all and it wasn't like hair fair was empty...

Here we are getting ready.   Owly declared that she had to re-inflate her butt!  So this is the before shot:

After Butt Inflation:
We arrived at Fri.Day booth at Hair Fair.  Cat found the object of our mission...the Fri.Day gift box!  YAY!
So we got that...and then bought HAIR... at Fri.Day...Cat, Angie, and Molly had to leave to get some we continued our hair quest.

Here Owly does a little zombie reach for the hair...."HAAAIIIIR"  Check out her super star shades.  Now that Owly is famous (she was featured in this awesome blog post - check it out) she wears her gigantic psychotic battle owl glasses of DOOM everywhere.

We also went to the LAMB booth.  I got this awesome hair.  I don't remember what it is called but you can get it here.
Further got this awesome hair at the same place.
So i think I was on for an hour or so, but it was jam packed FUN!  COOL!

After all that - this is all the great stuff that was in the Fri.Day Gift Box!  Multiple Hair Styles, Jeans, a SWEET green Hoodie, and Tank Top.  
Mission Accomplished :) 

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