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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Critters on the Home Sim and Adventures in Space

So last night was strangely SL busy -  I was all over the place taking care of sim business, store business, here and there and everywhere, and in the midst of it found some time to goof off... because that is what makes SL fun!

FIRST... a photo shoot with a Home Sim Homie - Dorian and the Giant Flying Chipmunk. Hehehehe... cute!

Next... some Fire GOOD!!! Stuff...I am working on staging a new shop so I was showing off the cool build in the sky to Cat and Wai.  I had to tp away to take care of some biz in another location momentarily and I come back to this..."CHICKEN DANCE"

TP'd away again to meet someone on a different sim.  I was TP'd back to this...
They tell me..."We took the chicken dance on tour"
Looks to me like they took it to cat's skybox hahah!
Cat left, eventually we ended up flinging a chipmunk around the sim for a while.  Cy, Wai, and PT joined in.
Note: at the beginning of this post, the giant flying chipmunk of the Home Sim was nameless.
Owly joined us, it was about this time that I seriously began practicing my arm farting skills.  You know - it's hard for me to choose which is my favorite toy, the Chipmunk or the Arm Farter.  Since I couldn't choose I decided to play with both at the same time!

So later the chipmunk landed, and Foxie showed up, and we all went on a field trip to Inspire Space Park to support Owly and her mission.

We were greeted by a sweet little alien.
Then Foxie morphed into Tentacle Man.   Here's a scene from: Princess Bun Head Vs. Tentacle Man....

So yeah... stuff happens - we play with critters, turn into critters, visit outer space... goof off a bit...and then sleep, and then laugh about it in plurk the next day.

Good News!  I think that the giant flying chipmunk now has a name.
Thanks to my plurky friends his name is "Chimichanga"

"Chimi" for short; pronounced "CHEEMEE"
alternate nickname  "Chimi Cheeks"
unless he's in trouble...then it's chimichanga burrito taquito mosquito the third!  (I hope this chipmunk never gets in trouble because that name will be hard to remember).

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