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Thursday, September 2, 2010

HI! challenge, day 02

FYI: Ariel challenged me to say hi and attempt conversation with one stranger a day in SL for 30 days and blog about it. Today is day 02. This fyi will appear at the top of each post. 

When I logged in, I found myself on Tableau, in Wrigglesworth, where the old people av stuff is at. (Yeah, I just said "is at.") And what ... WHAT did I immediately find on my radar but someone with an AWSUM NAME! Moldy Tangerine! I thought, here is the person I don't know that I want to talk to today! Because how great is that name!?

I felt a little shifty though ... she was walking away, and I didn't want to chase her down. That would be creepy. She went into Paper Couture. Oh hey, I had a reason to go there, I needed a slurl. And look, there's a bird ring, I don't have that, I should buy it. Dang, it's cute. And also ... OH HI there is that person with the great name, in the same shop, imagine that, I'm gonna say HI!!!!

[09:05 AM]  Owly Indigo: LOL ... you probably get this a lot but ... I love your name! ;-D
[09:06 AM]  Moldy Tangerine: ha, thanks, was about to say the same to you !

Wheeeeee! And it was a lovely conversation ... she doesn't like dirt, I don't like dirt, etc. She looked at my profile and asked me about the Home Sim and book club ... I gave her a LM and the book club notecard.

So we're talking about this and that, and I get an IM from ChatBrat:

[09:17 AM]  ChatBrat Pippita: Hi Stranger! I wonder if you would like to chat with me and form a community? (PEBD)
[09:17 AM]  Owly Indigo: cb! heheheheheheh
[09:17 AM]  Owly Indigo: I am talking with someone noooooowwwwww
[09:17 AM]  ChatBrat Pippita: w00t
[09:17 AM]  ChatBrat Pippita: preying on n00bs is cheating
[09:17 AM]  Owly Indigo: tsk
[09:18 AM]  Owly Indigo: her rez date is 2006
[09:18 AM]  Owly Indigo: neener!

So CB tp's over and says hi too, we talk about book club, and it sounds like Moldy will come if she can and might bring her sister along. This is like, the fantasy encounter of the project, and it's only day 2. I should also mention that the following was said:

[09:19 AM]  Moldy Tangerine: ah thanks you have restored my faith in people was fading a little today
[09:19 AM]  Owly Indigo: aw! I'm so glad to hear that!

Which made me feel a little guilty. I felt the need to disclose the challenge.

[09:21 AM]  Owly Indigo: well ... I need to be honest with you in that case ... I am on a mission to talk to one stranger a day in SL ...
[09:21 AM]  Owly Indigo: and your name encouraged me to say hi ... and I'm so glad I did!

But I did not go so far as to disclose the blog. And I feel a little bad about that, because I don't want anyone to feel like this challenge is the ONLY reason I am saying hi. I really do want to meet more people, that was the impetus of the challenge. Also, the blog aspect of the project brings up some ethical issues: should I be copy/pasting conversations? Should I be using real names? Should I post pictures?

This time, I decided to go with no pictures. I just don't feel comfortable using a photo without someone's permission. I've used her real name, because the name is what made me think, "she seems cool, I want to say hi." Also, it was a positive interaction. If I have a negative one during this project, maybe I won't use names. I don't know - we'll just have to see how it goes.

Here, have a not-so-great photo of the ring I found:

Here's what I learned: Having a clever name is a great conversation-starter, as there is a good chance the person might be as interesting and clever as the name. Also, it's good to put interesting details in your profile if you want to meet people, as that helps break the ice. I mean, I read hers and commented on it, but she also read and commented on mine. Two-way street, my friends! Furthermore, I learned that I need to be sensitive to how the people I say hello to might feel about appearing in these posts. I suppose I will take that on a case-by-case basis.

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ariel.wingtips said...

yay!!! so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone yet AGAIN! I think it is fantastic when we take small steps to break through those fears and get our eyes on others. Why does it seem so hard some times to just say hello? You know... I don't see what would be so wrong with just letting people know why you are doing what you are doing, asking them if it is OK to share about your encounter. Who knows? There may be a lot of people out there struggling with just how to meet people and learn to socialize in this strange virtual world. You may inspire them to step out of their comfort zone or get over a fear and learn something as well... You may give them hope that there ARE friendly people in SL. You never know what is going on on the other side of the keyboard. You may be the only one that says something nice to them today. The challenge is genuinely good in intent so why not share it? We are not out to hurt anyone we are just trying to grow in a new way. Just a thought. :) hugs!