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Friday, April 30, 2010

two new stores on the sim!

We are delighted to welcome DreamWalker McCallister to our sim! She is the owner of Tasteless Designs and a freelance scripter and designer. What a perfect fit for Ctrl+Shift+H! Make sure to come visit her new store, grab your 75 free gestures, maybe get the 100% pure evil t-shirt (only 50 L$!), an awesome photocube, an avatar pager, some original art, a visitor monitor, or some of her other very geeky gadgets!
 Tasteless Designs on the Home sim!

 My favorite item in DreamWalker's store: the nuclear heart.

Another new store on the Home sim belongs to Spock Jupiter. He has a recruiting office for United Federation Starfleet. He is still in the process of setting up, but plans to have a registration board, some posters, and other stuff to sell. Visit his store on the sim!

In the meantime, I will finish knitting this sock while Angie signs me up!

[15:25]  AngieBabe Perl: i'll sign you up for the starfleet academy! lol
[15:25]  catalina Mistwallow: do itttt

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