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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More coverage of the exciting discussion of FLAT LAND...

Polly Paper clip selected this month's book and led the discussion.
[19:08] Polly Paperclip: Kablooey!
[19:08] Polly Paperclip: Look at these books littering the floor.
Book Club is all about F U N:
[19:12] Polly Paperclip: I'm sure this discussion will be considerably more enlightening if we're all fortified with a choice libation.
[19:13] Polly Paperclip: Margaritas all around!

Book Club members are dedicated...
[19:04] Foxie Moxie: I'm postponing a trip to the emergency department for book club

Book Club members are into costumes...

[19:07] Samantha Kazakov: "What can it be to run against a Woman, except absolute and immediate destruction?"
[19:08] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov practices her peace cry - oh yeah, sorry, i'm new to flatland, you see

  ...or costume attempts.
[19:08] Coyote Pace: I didn't dress for the occasion, I'm afraid -- no time
[19:08] Coyote Pace: I brought a visual aid, though

Cat, just having arrived from a RL adventure, logs into SL, shows up at book club, WOOOOSH, makes a costume on the spot!
[19:13] Polly Paperclip: Cat, are you PAINTING that line?
[19:13] catalina Mistwallow: yes
[19:14] Ariel Wingtips: hehehe
[19:14] catalina Mistwallow: i am a revolutionary woman
[19:15] catalina Mistwallow: wait, was the front red and the back green?

Book Club members are really into books and T e c h n o l o g y...
[19:15] ChatBrat Pippita: technical schmechnical - i haz pictures
[19:15] Coyote Pace: can't get more technical that THAT

Book club is about super intellectual discussions:

[19:14] Foxie Moxie: yeah speaking of naked, nobody cam inside my snoopy
[19:14] Polly Paperclip: I change into a different AV and then I'm afraid to change BACK.
[19:14] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov immediately cams inside your snoopy
[19:15] Polly Paperclip: If we were in the 4th dimension, we'd be able to see inside your Snoopy no problem!

[19:52] ChatBrat Pippita: yes! we should save minutes of these intellectual discussions for posterity so that future generations might read them and figure out which libation we were each consuming

Book club is about reading, and maybe even learning something about yourself:
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: if you were a flatlander, what would you be?
[20:13] Ariel Wingtips: BORED
[20:13] ChatBrat Pippita: Ari would fold herself into a paper plane and launch
[20:13] Polly Paperclip: I guess I'd be a line!
[20:13] Coyote Pace: it's intriguing to consider, though, that from their perspective everything was normal. As we see OUR world.
[20:14] Samantha KazakovSamantha Kazakov would be a circle, clearly
[20:14] Foxie Moxie: I'd be a line and the only shape that could ever teach me would be the square of a Priest man

Book club exposes for us...the pivotal chapter -
[20:24] ChatBrat Pippita: oh btw, in my opinion ....
[20:24] ChatBrat Pippita: chapter 12 was the pivotal chapter of this book *nods*

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