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Sunday, April 25, 2010

quirky and fabulous new stores on the sim!

The CTRL+SHIFT+H team is happy to welcome new stores to the sim! There is nothing we love more than to have cool, quirky stores open all around us. First up, we have Parser Lane's Perpetually Loony, a shop about time, clocks, and watches, but all with a loony twist to it. My favorite? The unusual clock that goes backwards! Only 49 L$.

Right next door to Perpetually Loony, we have creator Erehwon Yoshika and her Yoshikawa Aetheric Engineering. Make sure to come get your genie bottle earrings, they are free! And while you are here, check out this awesome solar-powered floating head in a jar! Now, you know you NEED this.

Getting away from quirky and closer to fabulous, we have Sweet Antidote by designer Noena Merlin. There is nothing in this store I do not want, but I am trying to show some restraint. Let's see how long that lasts! Here you can see Owly Indigo and myself showing off two of Noena's beautiful creations.

Finally, I am proud to announce that LOFTY LIGHTING IS BAAACK! Okay, I'll calm down. It's been a long time since Balthasar Bookmite has had a shop and we are very happy to have Lofty Lighting on our sim. He has great new creations and has set out a great freebie lamp to entice you. Come get the Cerulean, it is only 7 prims!

On related news, Veritas Designs has moved! You can now find it between Sweet Antidote and Weather!... or not?

More stores to come soon!

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