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Monday, April 19, 2010

munk madness and neighbor news

Every once in a while, the chipmunk comes out to take us for a ride ...

Erm, let me explain. There is a giant chipmunk. It is bouncy. It can seat an unknown number of avs. I say unknown because ... we just don't know. I think this time it had eight? Anyway ... everybody sits on it. Sometimes we wear sparklers, or some other particle thingy, as shown. And. Then. We fly.

Flying is achieved by taking the chipmunk up to 4000m and then dropping it, which makes it BOUNCE all over the sim. It is also achieved by "flicking" it ... a technique perfected by Ariel, Wai, and Cy, I believe. Something to do with holding down alt or shift while dragging the chipmunk? Not sure ... it is magical, though.

For some reason, this makes all the riders giggle uncontrollably. No, we are not high. I think. Some of us. At least I'm not. I'm just naturally this way.

Anyway, hey guess what! New neighbors! People have been moving in and moving around the sim a bit. I'd like to say WELCOME!!! to all our new neighbors and friends. :-D 

We now have just ONE island left for rent, the one pictured here:

Honestly, I can't figure out why this one isn't taken yet. It is on a corner. It has a sunset view. It is like ... prime SL real estate. (imho) I mean, this is the one I would want, if I didn't already have my sunrise view parcel. Am I missing something? /me boggles over this a bit more, and then moves on ...

Oh hey, cottages! There are still many lovely cottages available around the little unnamed lake. Pond? Lake? What is it? Anyway, it needs a name, don't you think? Also, I highly recommend sitting on that boat, there are some cute poses.

You know, there is a loon on that lake ... maybe Loon Lake? There is also a ruddy duck. Remind me to tell you about the mating call of the ruddy duck, it's quite ... something.

Anyhoot, there is more exciting news of excitement about things happening on the sim ... like Geek Pride Week, the Home Sim's Grand Opening, and new shops on the sim. I do recommend checking back to see what's developed sometime in the near future.


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