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Monday, May 3, 2010

dental hygiene at its best

Last night the CTRL+SHIFT+H sim held its second weekly themed party. Last week Owly blogged the first one, which was an underwear party with hilarious results. This week we decided to go with a dental hygiene theme, idea of Ms. Polly Paperclip. This turned out to be a fantastic idea, everyone got really into it and came up with very creative dental hygiene related outfits. I am known to abuse photos in blog posts anyway, but BELIEVE ME this time it is for the right reason. There is just no other way I can do the outfits justice, so I will share with you some of the most inspired ones. 

  • Next, yours truly (no, TRULY) as the big dental floss thing. I apparently inspired some to do weird things, or as expressed by Foxie: 
    [20:30] Foxie Moxie: cat. I want to. um. ride you.
    [20:31] Foxie Moxie: Well aren't you just the dirtiest little dental floss box here? What's a dental hygiene accessory like you doing in a place like this?

    • Kaydence and her genuinely scary apple!
    • Owly Indigo, bird lover or dentist?

          • Foxie Moxie as himself plus pink toothbrush, looking wise.  

            • PT Beardmore, getting ready for bed in his awesome t-shirt, showing off his winning smile.

            • Mr. Coyote Pace being very explicit about the size of his... brush. Also, I think he was wearing dental floss as a backpack! 

              •  Sweez was the first victim of the dentist chair (courtesy of Coyote!)

              • Owly Indigo, working on (the real) Chatty's very sensitive teeth. 

                • Kristolynn as a dentist at the opposite extreme of dental practice 

                  • Chatty as ChatBrat Pippita At the Dentist! (aka "full of LURVE")


                    • Polly trying to convince Owly not to charge her extra for listening to her dentist-related nightmares.

                    • A late arrival, but the teeth were so worth the wait! Ariel Wingtips pre-encounter with Owly.

                    • And even during her encounter with a very thorough dentist, Ariel did not lose her cool!

                    Thanks for indulging me in this photo tour. Were the photos not totally worth it? If you missed this week's party, don't despair! We'll have another one next Sunday night, at 7 pm SLT. The theme? BAKED GOODS! See you then! :)


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