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Thursday, May 6, 2010

of mice and bunnies

Don't freak out, not real mice. And bunnies? Well, we have all kinds on our sim. However, this time I am introducing two new stores that opened on CTRL+SHIFT+H last week: Dark Mouse and [[Bunny B]].

The extremely talented Mouse Mimistrobell just opened a satellite shop on our sim. We are SO excited to add Dark Mouse to the Home sim family. Mouse makes the best jewelry on SL and if you don't already have some,

1. You are insane.
2. You need to get some NAO.

My favorite are the stain glass bangles you can see below. I would buy them in RL if I could!

Here is Ariel wearing some Dark Mouse pearl earrings and necklace. She said this is only the second set of jewelry she's ever bought on SL. She just could not resist! Mouse also did a blog post on the new store last week. She took some beautiful shots of our sim. Thank you, Mouse!

And where are the bunnies, you ask. Patience, peeps, we're getting to it! Mr. Lachlan Causten has opened a satellite of his [[Bunny B]] skin store on the sim!

He is currently in the process of setting up but I could not wait to tell you the news. I am simply in love with his skins, especially Fumie. Can you guess why? LOL.

Make sure to stop by and check out the new stores! They are super close to each other so you'll only need to make one shopping trip!

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