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Monday, May 17, 2010

sunday nights on the home sim!

Hello homies! I am very happy to reemerge from the darkness of finals week and have time to do some bloggage! As you know, we have been having themed parties on our sim for about a month. They are getting more exciting every week. I have some photos to share with you from the last couple of parties that I did not blog.

On Saturday, May 9, the Home Sim hosted a Baked Goods! party. This was in honor to our baker extraordinaire, Ms. Samantha Kazakov, who both delights and tortures us via Plurk with her amazing creations. People took this theme very seriously, as the photos below show.

Three of the costumes Ariel was able to photograph (nothing was rezzing for me that night!)

Chatty, Fram, Cat, and Sam looking DELICIOUS!

This is a view of the overall chaos that ensued once Ariel showed up!
Sitting on chocolate is not as bad as it looks! Here we are at the end of the party: Owly, Sam, Kay, Chatty, and Cat.

And here are my two favorite photos of the night, and yes, they both involve Foxie! The first one shows him dancing on top of the giant cherry and Fram very relaxed floating on his own damn chair. I believe the phrase was "This cherry has met its match!".

The second one is sneaky Foxie trying to... kill someone? Who knows. It is full of awesome.

Alright! Now we got to the Steam Punk Party! Yay! Kaydence Rodeyn is a new resident on the Home Sim. We like her because she has piggies and is super nice. Also, she and I keep coming up with the same costumes for our themed parties, so she MUST be cool, right? Last night she had us over for a housewaming party/steam punk fun and everyone looked great. Among the best costumes, we have:

Steam punk squirrel gets to go first, of course! :)

 Our hostess: Kaydence Rodeyn

Sam looking awesome in her new teal dress and her... arms.

 Coyote Pace

Further Monday

AngieBabe Perl and Chance SecretSpy

Ariel Wingtips

Owly Indigo


New exciting things are happening on the sim this week! Stay tuned! :)

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