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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexah TEEF!!! A HOT Fashion trend at the Home Sim

I have spotted a new fashion trend on the Ctrl Shift H Sim.  Sexah TEEF!!!
Lots of folks are wearin em...

here we have Vaughan Michalak and Kendal Timeless as mysterious spies with Sexah TEEF!
The Fire GOOD!!! version ....of the Bond look....Rockin the Tater Tot Hot Dish, Cheese Plate, and Sexah TEEF!!!

Niko Paolino and Skarat Lefebvre (look how pouty Niko is...he wishes he had ...Sexah TEEF!)

Look how strong all these posers are now that they have Sexah TEEF!
Home Girls in sexah TEEF!  (left to right: Ariel Wingtips, Owly Indigo, Hotaru Kamala, and catalina Mistwallow)

Come goof off with us and can look hot too...stop by the Ctrl Shift H Sim and get your Free Sexah TEEF at Fire GOOD!!!  

1 comment:

Owly said...

Ize sexah teef moddul wif mah TEEF