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Monday, March 8, 2010

League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club - That Dang Spy Book

Tonight the league of extraordinary dorks met to discuss the book, "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" by John Le Carre. OK so I admit, this book was hard for me to read - i got about 2/3 of the way through it. Even so, the discussion was great and the costumes were awesome.  The book club meeting was held in the new League of Extraordinary Dorks Headquarters on our new sim - YAY !!!

Oops...correction - SAM awesomely led the discussion.

Coyote Pace dressed like this...demonstrating his super spy sneaking skills.

Many of the book club members came in costume, dressed as spies and displaying awesome spy skills. Here we have Samantha Kazakov and ChatBrat Pippita looking all suave in their spyness.

Here we see catalina Mistwallow desperately trying to catch up on reading... or is she also demonstrating an important spy skill?

Ariel has to take a call during the discussion... 

Book Club discussion goes something like this...

Discussing the SL Book Club Experience...
So here we are as a group - hanging out and discussing the SL Book club experience. You don't have to actually READ the book to participate in our book club meetings. Costumes are optional but highly encouraged.

[20:32] Coyote Pace: thanks for your good work, Sam!
[20:32] catalina Mistwallow promises to read the book next time.
[20:32] Owly Indigo: it was a good book to read - one of the things I like about this is I am picking up books I might not otherwise pick up
[20:32] Owly Indigo: well, "read" - I read most of it
[20:33] Samantha Kazakov: yes, i love that about book clubs. i myself wouldn't have read it otherwise, and I picked the dang thing < ---- INSPIRATION FOR BLOG TITLE RIGHT THERE
[20:33] ChatBrat Pippita: yes! that's the best part of book clubs
[20:33] Ridge Andel: I have never done the book club thing before
[20:34] ChatBrat Pippita: I have carefully avoided book clubs till now
[20:34] Owly Indigo: I tried one and hated it IRL
[20:34] Owly Indigo: but I love it ISL
[20:34] catalina Mistwallow: i am in three book clubs
[20:34] catalina Mistwallow: haha i love it
[20:34] Ariel Wingtips: cat is a book club junkie
[20:34] Owly Indigo: (overachiever) begins the confession part of book club...which is always funny - it's not planned it just happens

[20:35] Ariel Wingtips: our book club

[20:35] Ariel Wingtips: is like coming to confession
[20:35] Ariel Wingtips: ... i confess...i did not finish this book
[20:35] Owly Indigo: only way more fun lol
[20:35] Ariel Wingtips: ...this book put me to sleep on many occasions

another confession...

In the end- I unveiled THE MOLE!

Owly wanted a mole too, but improvised.

Other Notable book club quotable (i think this amused me the most...just sayin...)
[20:10] Owly Indigo: I have monkey brain


Fun TImes! OK so for next month, we are reading:
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott

We would love for you to join us. More info is available at the new League of Extraordinary Dorks Headquarters.

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