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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heeeere Fishy Fishy Fishy!!!

I love this little koi pond from Pocket Gardens.  It is so cool - very easy (especially for the decorating challenged - like me) to come up with a cute little garden scene.  Just rez sit, and have fun tormenting the fish. The basin part has option to change textures as well as the flowers.

 Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi - by Carter Denja and Stormy Aluveaux  you can get this in small or large version at Pocket Gardens.

Carter and Stormy visited our sim the other night and showed off some of her skills....check this out!  In addition to awesome garden building skills, Carter has...

walk on hands skills...

balancing skills...
(my group organization skills are lacking...check out the craziness in this photo... getting an SL group together for a photo is a bit like like herding cats oh and note the tiny little care bear hahaha!)

I have my little pocket garden set up just outside my shop in a little space where I like to sit and watch the antics  Cat and Angie's and their crazy cows.  They have a mad cow, Matilda, who roams around their yard tormenting squirrels and plotting her next escape. The other cow, the Oreo cookie colored one, just calmly stands around chomping on grass and rolling her eyes at Matilda (aka Mattie).

Come visit us - hang out, check out the Albatross coffee house in the old mill, RIDE the water wheel (that's what i like to do), ride the mad cow, swing on the swings, fish for seven seas fish and custom catches....stare at the koi.
Have fun!

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