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Sunday, March 21, 2010

cool new shops to visit on our sim!

We have five awesome new shops on our sim that you must check out! Angie and I are going to take you on a little tour of the shops that the CTRL+SHIFT+H sim has to offer.

First up, we have the FireGOOD! mainstore, owned by Ariel Wingtips and her endless creativity. If you need explosions of any kind, launchers, spaceships, cute clothes, and of course FIRE, this is the place for you!

Next to FireGOOD!, we have Further Monday's Weather!... or not?, where you can find beautiful paper lanters, a creaky old chair, a wishy washy clothes line set, and my favorite, the OMGOTHBRELLA, with raining black cats, fire and brimstone, blood, spiders, bats, and eerie mist!

 Angie and I demonstrating two of the options, it's raining cats and dogs for me; it is raining hearts for Angie.

Ron Silverspar is opening his Alternate Generation Avatars store on our sim as well. He does custom work for existing avatars or sells pre-made avatars for newbies who want to look their best from the very beginning. Ron is very noob friendly, so don't hesitate to drop him an IM at any time! 

Our friend and resident misanthrope, Javi Bruhl, opened the CTRL+SHIFT+H Literary Society: Library of Literal Arts and Sciences right next to the Albatross coffee house. He is hoping to attract clients who are in need of library facilitation, argumentation, obtuse discord, and non-fashion wordsmithing. In short, he will write stuff for you. Whether you need to declare your love to someone or break up with them, Javi is your guy.

 Angie and I messing the place up in Javi's absence. (Photo by AngieBabe Perl)

Finally, Veritas Designs features the inspired builds of our friend PT Beardmore. In his store you can find cottages, bridges, docks, and my all time favorite flower cart. PT also does custom work and promises to entertain you with his wisdom and bearded knowledge. Come visit his shop and get a free barrel plant today!

There are more stores that are in the process of setting up at the moment. More on that soon!

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