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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Owly Gone Wild!

So I am preparing for another hunt at Fire GOOD!!! - and i needed a model for my new Can launcher and matching CANtlers.  Owly was free to help me out last night... and this was only like five fun filled minutes of madness, but the pictures turned out so silly i had to share.
We start off with a cool James Bond pose.  So far so good....oh wait...check out her EYE!!! hahaha (click the picture to zoom in for a better view).  Also...check out her grabby hand!
She takes a break to slam one down...
Here she looks a bit dazed and now she has one in each hand!

Launching madness ensues, there are cans flying everywhere...
...and then we clean up!

the end :)


Owly Indigo said...

I am ALLOWED to have grabby hands, as we are PARTNERED ... sort of ... it gets confusing. And also, YES I do NOT have recycling skills in either life! I look like a pixel drunk.

Further Monday said...

y'all are totally ridiculous! <3