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Sunday, June 13, 2010

beasts on the home sim

Last Sunday the CTRL+SHIFT+H sim had another one of its themed parties. This time: beasts and creatures. I apologize for the lack of good documentation, but things got really crazy really fast and I lost track of things and forgot about photos.

It went like this: faun, sheep, fox, fox makes comments about "horny" sheep and faun, pile of sheep follows, people sit on pile of sheep, sheep prove to be no-mod and so magic of flight is not possible, alien bikini girl attempts to eat bunny girl, alien girl rezzes giant cootie, proceeds to navigate cootie into nothingness, then drops us to the ground, then LEAVES, leaving us with no pilot, Cyrus saves the day by rezzing flower and particles and we continue our adventures.

As you will see, the pictures do not do this tale justice. However, here you go.

 Does this kind of insanity sound fun to you? Join us tonight at 8 pm SLT for a pajama party!

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