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Sunday, June 6, 2010

geek pride week!

The Home Sim celebrated its first Geek Pride Week, starting on Tuesday, May 18 and culminating with International Geek Pride Day, on Tuesday, May 25. Geek Week was also our official sim opening and an opportunity to share our vision for our Home and the work we have done since February with friends, neighbors, and SL residents in general.

Among the various events we used as an excuse to celebrate our geek pride, we had a book discussion, several concerts, an art show, and a themed party. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club met to discuss ChatBrat Pippita's pick this month, which was The Reader, by Bernard Schlink. We had one of the best book discussions we've had since the beginning of our book group, I thought, and this meeting also saw some new people join our regular cast of characters. 
  • Bone Mosten, resident geek, put together some of his awesome art pieces and helped us celebrate our geek pride with class. Bone's pieces are still out if you want to come visit, and they are free for you to take!
  • Framulox Ezvalt, Dorian Horten, and Harper Messmer played amazing and very different concerts to a very crowded coffee house. 
  • We also had several group hangouts, one of them being a pink themed party to celebrate AngieBabe's second rez day, and a couple of impromptu geeky madness sessions that just kind of ensue whenever (1) Ariel Wingtips is around or (2) more than three of us find ourselves at the same place looking for something to do. OF COURSE doughnuts, fire, and bubble wrap were involved!

On behalf of the CTRL+Shift+H sim team, I thank you for coming to share our home and our vision for this place, for being fun and supportive friends, and for just letting your geek flag fly high! You guys make this place feel like Home.

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