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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inventory Challenge and BUTT Talk

After almost three years of mad experiments, hunts, and shopping, I have created a mess of my inventory.  From what I hear, I am not alone.  I hear a lot of folks talk about needing to sort inventory, and they do it alone, most of the time, and then they also talk about wishing that that they were hanging out with friends.  So, last week, I was thinking "why not combine these activities?"  One of the reasons I sort inventory alone is to avoid the "accidental nekkies" that happen if you replace an outfit without taking care to keep certain bits covered up.   Also, I just need some silly motivation to stay on task.

Last week I created some ugly skins, the "HOMEsimLY" skin pack and set it out for free at the Albatross Coffee House on our sim.  This is the first skin I have attempted, it is just a tinted the free skin that I found on a tutorial site a long time ago so I take no credit for the cute shading and such, that was done by someone who actually knows what they are doing.  I only take credit for the HOMEsimLY features. 

You can use this skin in groups or individual inventory sessions:

STEP 1:  set your inventory sorting goal for the session – like “I will sort my stocking folder”  
STEP 2: wear this skin and whip off your clothes, and get busy sorting.  No need to worry about accidental exposure, with this skin, your bits are always covered.
STEP 3: don’t take the skin off until you have finished.

TIP: set realistic goals – chunk your inventory sorting project into bite size tasks.  Set goals like, “I will sort my socks folder” rather than “I will sort through and delete 10,000 items” (EEEEEK!!! Unless you want to wear this skin for a really long time, we don’t recommend that)

LOOK...we have COLORS!  (the colors are from the home sim logo - in case you were wondering)

Inventory Sorting Action
Friday night, we had a spontaneous inventory sorting party on the home sim.  The challenge was to set a simple inventory sorting goal, have fun socializing, but get R done.  OR just goof off.  There was a lot of goofing off.. launching, and some inventory was sorted.  I am thrilled to report that my own inventory, also known as "the Abyss of Madness,"  is finally under 40,000 items.  YAY!

Here's how it happened - I plurked an open invitation for an inventory sorting gathering and a lot of plurkies showed up.  Here are the action shots of the event.   (hint: click on the pictures to zoom in on all the awesome detail)

Everyone shows up and wonders what to do...Ariel and Cat model the home sim inventory challenge ugly skin.  ChatBrat Pippita announces that she is not going to sort anything.  Then folks start goofing off, sorting inventory, launching stuff, and talking about what they are discovering in their inventory, but mainly the theme of conversation centered guessed it...BUTTS!

I am not surprised about made this prediction on plurk earlier in the week:

Here are the action shots:

and on and on...

[22:01]  Ariel Wingtips: hahaha
[22:01]  Ariel Wingtips: had to re-inflate my butt
[22:01]  Ariel Wingtips: i'm feeling SMURFY
[22:01]  Polly Paperclip: Yay for butt reinflation!

[23:00]  Grefan Miklos: That's what I thought, CB.
[23:00]  Grefan Miklos: CB stands for Chicken Butt.

[23:08]  Ariel Wingtips: P T !!
[23:08]  PT Beardmore: WORD!
[23:08]  catalina Mistwallow: hi PT!
[23:08]  ChatBrat Pippita: howdy PT
[23:08]  Further Monday: howdy PT
[23:09]  PT Beardmore: hello hello!
[23:09]  PT Beardmore: All the butt talk got me to log in

Join us next time.... 

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