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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cat Discovers The Button of P O W E R

So yeah i was feeling like crap today - but this made me laugh.  That's a good thing.

So we are all still learning about how to manage a sim.  Hugs to our early adopters who bravely moved in during our ramp up.

Today we survived our first sim restart and Cat has new found super powers.  So we needed to do a quick reboot of our server.  Cat wanted to learn about estate management.  Perfect opportunity....

GEEK MOMENT: So cool!  So Emerald has the coolest feature -that i just discovered today - in the Radar - select all of the nearby avatars and click IM....YAY! Instant group chat....

so it went like this -

[14:36]  Ariel Wingtips: hey all
[14:36]  Sehra Kauffman: hiiiii
[14:36]  Ariel Wingtips: cat's gonna restart the sim
[14:36]  Ariel Wingtips: with her new found super powers
[14:37]  Ariel Wingtips: the sim will come up in 90 seconds
[14:37]  Ariel Wingtips: after she does it
[14:37]  Ariel Wingtips: so i recommend that you assume the crash position
[14:37]  Sehra Kauffman: ok, thanks so much guys :)
[14:37]  Sehra Kauffman: LOLLLL
[14:37]  Bone Mosten braces for impact
[14:37]  Sehra Kauffman: LOL
[14:38]  Ariel Wingtips: she has never done it before
[14:38]  PT Beardmore: Is braced and ready
[14:39]  PT Beardmore: lol
[14:39]  Ariel Wingtips: she is drooling over the button of power
[14:39]  Ariel Wingtips: lol
[14:39]  Sehra Kauffman: alicia used to restart bluebonnet just to interrupt one of her tennants "special time"
[14:39]  Ariel Wingtips: HAHAHA
[14:40]  Ariel Wingtips: daaaaaaaaaaang
[14:40]  Sehra Kauffman: lol
[14:40]  Ariel Wingtips: she is learning to send mesesage right now
[14:40]  Ariel Wingtips: so stay tuned

So she sends out a message like this "I have found the button of power, brace yourselves for sim restart....muhahahahaha  *Wince*"

Then she pressed....the button of power and I got the heck out of there and went shopping.

The sim came back up.  This is what Cat had to say about the experience:

[14:52]  catalina Mistwallow: i am tempted to restart again
[14:52]  catalina Mistwallow: just because i like the color of the message
[14:52]  catalina Mistwallow: hahaha

*runs and hides*

The End

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